The dimmer is also called as variable transformer. It is the main component which is responsible for about 50% of the voltage regulation. Based on the input voltage conditions, it increases or decreases the voltage and transfers it to the buck boost transformer connected next to it. The dimmer is a round-shaped component having a Silicon CRGO steroidal core base. Depending on the customized requirements for industrial or residential equipment, the intrinsic copper wires with specific turn ratio are used in it.

Buck Boost Transformer

Next to dimmer is the buck boost transformer in series – it is also termed as series transformer. It regulates the voltage provided from the dimmer. The buck boost transformer is built in rectangular shape and has a bobbin with EI CRGO core. Servomax Limited is engaged to use high-quality copper wires to arrange this series transformer. Also, the windings are perfectly varnished to ensure better protection from the environment. This supportive insulation means to the windings enhance the longer life of the transformer piece.

Servomotor – Synchronizing motors

It is the main component of the servo voltage stabilizers. It is connected to the dimmer by an arm – it makes the shaft move in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction based on the input voltage. So, it makes the dimmer to mostly regulate the voltage fluctuations. It works on the main principle of Pulse with Modulation (PWM) and enables appropriate angular movement that is controlled by the applied current pulse duration. Synchronizing motors of Servomax’s industrial servo stabilizers and residential servo stabilizers are efficient and top-grade units offering reliable voltage corrections.

Carbon Brush

It is the moving shaft that is connected to the dimmer. Based on the servo motor’s directions, it moves the dimmer in the respective direction. In order to avoid frequent damage and maintenance, the carbon brush should be of high quality.

Contactor or Relay

Any stabilizer unit is built within certain voltage output ranges. In case of any exceeding prescribed limits, the contactor or relay helps to cut the output of the stabilizer.


MCB - Miniature Circuit Breaker- helps to switch on or off the stabilizer and protects from short circuits. MCCB - Molded Case Circuit Breaker - provides overload protection.

Electronic Circuit

It is the main element which makes the different components of the stabilizers to work in an operating manner. In addition to these main components, our servo stabilizers are fit with voltmeters, ampere meters, connectors, etc. too. They also include specific programmable controls and indications in the LCD display that add up the visual elegance of our products.

Working of a
Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The main function of voltage stabilizers is to provide stabilized output voltage equivalent that of the ideal electrical power supply. In order to know how it is possible, one should understand the working of a servo voltage stabilizer.

  1. Generally, specialized micro-controllers and microprocessors are embedded in the servo stabilizers. They enable to set with a standard reference voltage source.
  2. So, upon identifying a dip or rise in voltage, the circuit identifies the error and signals the motor.
  3. The synchronous motor moves in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction to manage the voltage change.
  4. As the motor is connected through the shaft to the dimmer, the voltage regulations are easily attained.
  5. Then, the resulting voltage is sent to the series transformer or buck boost transformer. Here, necessary finer voltage regulations are made. So, the final desired output voltage is provided at the secondary end of the buck boost transformer.

Servo Stabilizers

Servomax is engaged in world-class manufacture, supply, and service of various types of servo stabilizers including three-phase and single-phase servo stabilizers with air-cooled and oil-cooled considerations. Here are some of them with their capacity ranges included.

Oil-Cooled Servo Stabilizers

Capacity available up to 5000kVA

Air-Cooled Servo Stabilizers

Capacity available up to 250kVA

Single-Phase Servo Stabilizers

Capacity available up to 50kVA

Residential Servo Stabilizers

Capacity available up to 250kVA

Our servo stabilizers are prominent in the market because of their distinctive characteristics of designed variations and

individual phase control. Our voltage stabilizer applications include power needs of -

  • Industrial machinery
  • Residential electric appliances
  • Equipments in government and commercial sectors

Servomax’s Servo Stabilizers –
The Ultimate Choice for Power-Controlling Needs

Uses of stabilizers are many. Servomax’s servo stabilizers are most prominently used for –

  • Giving instant response upon input voltage alterations
  • Enhancing quality lifespan of any equipment
  • Preventing damages in industries
  • Ensuring safety in residences
  • Reducing power bills